Julian Lienhard & « Frei Otto Spanning the Future »

A dialogue of form and forces

20 novembre 2017

A dialogue of form and force

conférence en anglais

Julian Lienhard is founder and director of str.ucture, an engineering company committed to the development of innovative lightweight solutions. He is an expert on Tensile and Membrane Architecture, on parametric modelling and structural Design, and further parts of his work involve Biomimetic research.

Vidéo et biographie en anglais

Suivie de la projection du film « Frei Otto: Spanning the Future »

Frei Otto: Spanning the Future

Projection du film
20 novembre 2017


En anglais, sous-titres français

Frei Otto: Spanning the Future is a documentary about the incredible life and work of Frei Otto. As an architect and engineer he laid the foundation for contemporary lightweight architecture, and his ideas are still awe inspiring decades after he revealed them. This fact was cemented when he was named the 2015 Laureate of the Pritzker Architecture Prize.


Projection supplémentaire à 12:00 dans la Project Room.

« Otto Frei brought together engineers, architects, biologists, and the most different fields that were not connected at this time with architecture »
Robert Roithmayr, founder of Tensile & Formfinder Software

Organisation : Archizoom & Structural Xploration Lab