La maquette et le prototype dans l’atelier d’architecture

March 4 – April 23, 2011

March 3, 2011
Inaugural lecture
Bijoy Jain
architect, Mumbai

March 10, 2011
Robert Mangurian
architect, Los Angeles

March 31,  2011
Martin Rauch
plastic, Schliens, Austria

April 14, 2011
Emilio Caravatti
architect, Monza

At first glance, the stacked-up and loosely classified architecture prototypes, mock-ups, material swatches, and tools form an apparent disorder, a nod to the organised entropy of architecture studios. But a second, closer look reveals a minute balance of objects within the space. An improvised room occurs between shelves and tiles placed on the floor, the prototype of a wall at a 1:1 scale doubles as a bench… all of this evokes multiple possibilities and conformations, instilling the feeling that we are free to sit among the objects and take part in the collaborative construction process that characterises Studio Mumbai. Work-Place is an installation defined by its warmth and hospitality.

The exhibition Work-Place was first created for the 12th Venice Architecture Biennale with the aim of recreating the atmosphere that fosters architecture. It is an intimate take on a work methodology based on “learning through making” and explores the origins of creative thought. Studio Mumbai’s work is a reflection of the way in which architecture draws its logic from an observation of nature. Atmosphere, construction and nature meld together as one coherent entity.

The architect Bijoy Jain studied and worked in the United States and Europe before returning to his native India to open Studio Mumbai. Upon arrival, he was struck by how Indian architecture had occidentalised itself, losing its origins in the process. Jain does not question the professionalism of construction, but instead reflects upon the fact that the projects are simply copies of Western architecture. He was thus led to create a studio where masons, carpenters, stonecutters and other craftsmen are not required to execute but are instead regarded as advisors each step of the way. This enables a rediscovery of their tradition and the sustainable use of local resources in a time-honoured way.

Bijoy Jain, Studio Mumbai founder architect

Project curator
Samuel Barclay, architect, Studio Mumbai

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